about-RBG1RBG FIT CLUB is a holistic, healthy lifestyle and fitness movement founded by hip hop artist Stic (of dead prez) rooted in 5 core principles: Knowledge, Nutrition, Exercise, Rest and Consistency. Not a dogmatic program but a dynamic mindset and way of life centered in the values of pro-active, preventative holistic health. Our brand mission is to raise the bar on health, fitness and well-being through building an engaging, motivational and culturally relevant movement in which people from all walks of life enthusiastically take ownership of their health and are able to enjoy the benefits of healthy, energetic, prosperous and compassionate lives.

RBG FIT CLUB recognizes the urgency in our communities in general to revolutionize our priorities as it relates to health. Hip Hop and the Entertainment Industry, in particular, has been really hit hard from health issues and deaths. We lost Big Pun due obesity complications. Heavy D‘s sudden death was a big shock and sad day in Hip Hop. And a long list of others…

Famous Star who have fallen

471324_4080578180524_206833834_oIt is beyond obvious the epidemic state of poor health that our communities are in; and as we can clearly see celebrities are no exception. In addition, with the epidemic abuse of weed, cigarettes, syrup sippin’, alcohol, ecstasy, molly, dust, meth and cocaine in hip hop and popular culture today it is urgent that a healthy movement such as the RBG FIT CLUB exists. Don’t you agree?

RBG FIT CLUB‘s mission is to be not only a positive example of healthy living; but a practical example as well. A movement that is authentically centered in hip hop culture is what can impact our culture toward a more healthy direction. RBG FIT CLUB promotes the values of fitness, nutrition, sobriety, meditation, alternative healing, social justice around health issues and such things because we’re not just talking about it or just reading about it or just rapping about it or just complaining about it…we are living it!

We know through our collective example we can shift the popular emphasis away from self-degeneration, sickness, disease and death towards preventative healthy lifestyle choices. Our existence as a movement is a powerful tool in building better health in our culture and in our communities. And with the cost of conventional health care these days, and it’s increasing ineffectiveness; prevention is our best bet.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

RBG FIT CLUB is happy to be a part of this movement to help break the cycle! We know it takes lots of consistent motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle and thats exactly what we are here for!

RBG MovementWe invite YOU to join ranks with us (it’s free!), dedicate your self to health, fitness and wellness for the benefit of yourself, your family and areas of influence. We invite you to be a part of the Solution!

Help us spread the word on the 5 principles of the RBG FIT CLUB which are: KNOWLEDGE, NUTRITION, EXERCISE, REST and CONSISTENCY. Support and promote The Workout album and proudly wear the RBG FIT CLUB branded merch so more people can be made aware of what we are doing and be inspired and encouraged to join in as well.

Together….Let’s RAISE THE BAR! WINGS UP!!!

Khnum “Stic” Ibomu