The Drink Water Campaign seeks to arm people with enough information and motivation that they will increase their daily intake of water. An increase in the daily consumption of clean water can decrease chances of getting diseases such as Diabetes, Heart disease, Cancer, Obesity,Stroke, Arthritis, Waterborne diseases and so many other diseases that plague the people of the world.

The RBG FIT CLUB Drink Water Campaign promotes awareness of the health benefits of water. Our goal is to increase the respect for and overall daily consumption of clean water in the world. Water is essential to life. It makes up more than 60% of our bodies and is used for basic processing of the cells, nutrients and energy of the body.


Not only is drinking water important for all major processes in the human body and essential for good health, we shouldn’t take for granted the ability to have accessible, clean water for day to day living. That is why a portion of our proceeds goes to help increase the access to clean water sources to communities in Africa (click here for more info). We have raised $10,000 so far and have been able to install 2 water pumps in an orphanage in Namitete Malawi! You become an active contributor to the Drink Water campaign just by purchasing any of the merchandise in our Drink Water Series.

Water is Life! Drink Up!

Here is a look at the work we have done so far in Namitete Malawi! Help us keep the water flowing to more villages like this.

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